Our different projects have brought us to realize the meaning and importance for Nepali children to receive a quality education. Unfortunately, in Nepal, it is not every child’s luck to go to school. Government schools are indeed free, but are very low quality, and additionally, there are still fees for books, uniforms, pencils, etc. We know that if we want a brighter future for Nepal, we need educated and strong children. We believe in educations power, in the individual’s power to act, and in the young generation’s power to act in the future. We know that it is these children that are poor, isolated, and that have lost their houses in the quake-who are the thinkers and creators of tomorrow-that will make the choices for their communities and families in the coming future. We believe in them.

Giving a child the opportunity to go to school means opening up their world to endless possibilities.

Since 2016 we have sent 42 kids from the ages of 3 to 16, to school with the help of our sponsors. We work with three bilingual (Nepalese and English) private schools. All Sambhava kids are living in precarious situations: in unsafe environments without access to enough food nor proper hygiene. Many are ophans, victims of gender discrimination, and subjected to improper parenting due to their caretakers being alcoholics or too sickly to take care of them.

Our kids have one or more sponsors on the other side of the world who are helping them go to school and find their own path. Who encourage them and give them the hope and the courage that they need.

Portraits of the kids from the schooling programme

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[Go through the slideshow and discover the life of the boarding school kids]