Improvement of the learning environment:

Since 2016, we were able to enroll 25 out of the 42 children into a small school outside of Kathmandu. Along with the enrollment, we also started working with the school’s principal and the teachers to improve the learning environment. Many volunteers brought their special skills to help with our project.

Training the teachers:

Introduction to a violence free communication and teaching through games at our partner school

Training the teachers at the “Early Childhood Education Center”

Sambhava organized a 10-day training for the entire team of our partner school in a distinguished center for early childhood education.

Volunteering projects

Christine and Evelyne, Early Childhood Teachers, and Christian, a craftsman, helped setting up a classroom with learning materials and trained the entire kindergarten’s team, as well as the teachers of class 1

Yann, a sportstudent, helped by creating sport classes and giving tuition classes.

Eva, a social worker, helped create a nursery and helped setting up a room with educational materials. She also trained the kindergarten team

Linda trained the nursery team

Kyra, a teacher for kids with special needs, organized tutoring for Sambhava children with difficulties

Wilhelme, an artist, transformed an empty room into a magical library for the school

 Hélène, a doctor, and Fanny, social worker, are giving first-aid courses to all the elder kids and teachers

Floriane, a kindergarten teacher, is providing some help to some of the Sambhava-kids with difficulties

Océane, an artist and a trainee Montessori teacher, offered an art project

Loïc, a musician, put together a project for an introduction to the musical world

Lucille and Boris created a permaculture school garden