Our “Nest” is a home for 12 children since 2017

Among the 42 kids whom we have managed to enroll in school, some of them could not stay at home for different reasons. Sometimes it was because their parents or relatives were too sick to take care of them or alcoholics. In other cases, some children were left orphaned at a young age. So in 2017, instead of searching for a new home for these kids, we decided to build one. A home where they could learn, laugh and grow, but most importantly, a home where they would be encouraged and taken care of by responsible adults.

There are currently 12 children in our bright and colourful home, which is situated next to the excellent school they attend. The kids are taken care of by our Neplalese caretakers, as well as by volunteers who stay for several months.

[Go through the slideshow to meet the kids of the Nest from youngest to oldest]

[Go through the slideshow to push the doors of the Nest and get the feeling of the joyful and loving atmosphere]