Today’s Children will be the future of Nepal..

Sponsor the Children’s home:

  • Enable 12 kids to live in a home where they will be loved, respected, protected, giving them the right for a happy childhood.
  • How? By contributing to the some of the home’s costs; rent, food, Nepali Staff salaries, medicals bills, sports etc.
  • You will receive regular news and photos of the group of kids, you will get to know them and feel the home’s atmosphere.
  • You will be welcome if ever your path crosses Nepal to come and visit the Nest.

Sponsor the kids home: Choose the monthly amount you wish to contribute with.

Sponsor a child:

  • Enable a child in need to attend an excellent school and to live in Sambhava’s Home
  • Bond with the child through mail, pictures, drawings, calls, , and maybe get to meet them one day.
  • Support and encourage the child up the end of their schooling

Sponsor a child in Sambhava’s home: 100€/month –

Sponsor a child in the village school: Currently all of the village students are sponsored





Experience of Kristin and Marco, Sponsors in the kids home
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We met Mona and Katrin 4 years ago as they were giving a presentation about their time in Nepal, the terrible earthquake that hit the country and their projects to support the reconstruction. We were instantly impressed and fascinated by their will to help people in Nepal and their idea of getting involved in the long term through Sambhava.

We stayed in touch with them and followed the development of the organization. We also wanted to help, and our wish was fulfilled with the creation of the Children’s Home and the sponsoring system. This is how we became sponsors to D., a boy who at the time was 10 years old, and whom we have been supporting from the distance for the past 2,5 years. Thanks to an exchange of letters, we were able to get to know him better, to learn about his hobbies, the music he likes, what he would like to be when he grows up and about daily life in his home village.

Whenever Mona and Katrin are in Nepal, we send each other some videos on WhatsApp which allows us to get to know each other more personally. We also receive news and pictures via emails that Mona and Katrin or the volunteers on the spot are sending to all sponsors so we can follow what’s happening in the house, for example if it’s someone’s birthday or if the kids went somewhere. Thanks to this, we can follow up on the life in the kids home.

Last November during our trip to Nepal we finally had the chance to meet everyone personally. We are so grateful for time we spent in the Children’s Home and we are still very impressed by this beautiful place with such warmth, joy and high welfare standard that Mona and Katrin built for the kids.

D. is now 13 years old. He is a remarkable boy with so many talents and a great mind for discovering and creating new things. Living in the Nest and going to a good school are giving him the opportunity to develop his skills and go further into making his dreams come true. We believe that this child can achieve anything he wants, and we are thrilled to be able to support him as we do.

Experience of Vanessa and Louis, Sponsors in the kids home

A friend of us had done some volunteering in Nepal with Sambhava and she was the one to tell us about the organization. During her trip, she would send us emails where she would tell us about the wonders happening in the Nest. We did not know Mona and Katrin personally, but we were convinced by their way to lead the small organization with reliability, responsibility, and passion. A call-out for sponsors on Facebook was the deciding factor for us: we wanted to be a part of the adventure and to keep getting news of the Nepalese home. We now follow Sambhava on social media, we send emails to P. and whenever it is possible, we send her a gift that was chosen carefully.

This year she was able to send us two letters with some paper folding. What a joy it was! We truly care for her. We talk about P. and her life with our 3- and 5-years old daughters. It is important for us to let them know about how other children live in this world. At the moment we don’t talk too much about our dream, but we would like to travel to Nepal and get to know P. We hope that all the kids in the Nest will thrive and will have the chance to be able to choose their future. And above all we hope that once they’re grown up, they will spread around themselves the happiness and the love they received thanks to Sambhava.