Katrin Kausch- Active in Europe and Nepal

Katrin was born in 1989 in Germany. Trained as an early childhood teacher, she soon hit the road to teach in the kindergartens of the world. Germany, Norway, New-Zealand, Thailand… kids from all over the world had the opportunity to enjoy her playful lessons, and songs accompanied by her guitar or ukulele! It is with this enrichment and experience, that she now is active in Nepal.

Mona La Barbera – Active in Europe and Nepal

Mona was born in 1991 in Annecy, France. Involved in different popular education movements, Mona started working as a kid’s camp leader and teacher at the age 16 and decided to become a social worker. Graduated she worked with children in child welfare, in minor immigrants shelters, with homeless families and adults with mental disabilities. Her curiosity brought her around the world, meeting different cultures and people, volunteering in different projects like an orphanage in Brazil or a kindergarten in the Thai countryside… Since the earthquake in Nepal Mona is dedicated to Nepali people

Manon Devidal- Active in France

Manon was born in 1991, and joined us one month before the earth quake in Nepal. When the quake happened she decided to stay in Nepal to take part in the relief work. Since then she got involved in different projects, one of them included biking through France visiting alternative education places. From France she keeps supporting Sambhava.

Olivia Brun- Active in France

Olivia was born in 1991. She has decided within two days to turn her life upside down ! When we met her at one of our events in Briançon in Feb 16, she worked as an insurance consultant, and just some months later she joined us in Nepal and became a volunteer for our building project, and decided to sponsor one of Sambhava’s little boys for him to be able to go to school. She is now involved as the secretary of Sambhava.