How it started

On the 25th of April – as we were coming down from a trek in the Langtang area- Nepal was hit by an earthquake which caused the death of over 9000 people and took the homes of millions. From one day to the next we found ourselves in a massive human crisis .

Meeting the refugees and victims we began realizing the devastation caused by the earthquake; as for us, we were safe and alive. Our gratitude could only be expressed in one way: by supporting those who had lost everything and were standing in the rubles of what used to be their homes. Together we decided to do our part, to do everything that was possible.

We reached out to our families and friends in France and Germany and quickly received financial and emotional support that empowered us to start taking action. We built emergency shelters, brought injured people to the hospital, gave out over 100 emergency packages with food and hygiene products, as well as 90 packages with tools and building materials so that the survivors could build stronger shelters. We also gave out school materials for the students who had lost everythingand bought cows so that farmers could start working again despite the loss of their animals. After a month of emergency relief actions, the earth was still shaking everyday, and the situation was worsening. So, we decided to commit to Nepal in the long term. Sambhava was born.